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  • LEADCOM factory - ISO certified
  • LEADCOM product - SGS certified
  • LEADCOM guarantee -5-year warranty and lifetime service

Leadcom Seating is a worldwide public seating manufacturing specialist. At Leadcom Seating, we offer a huge selection of auditorium and cinema seating, waiting area seating, lecture hall seating, church seating and coach and bus seating.
In what aspects we are different from other seating manufacturers?

 • We have three manufacturing facilities with a combined total production area of 120,000 square meters

• 99% of our products are expertly tooled in our own fully-fitted workshops

 • Durable production capacity - 1,000,000 seats per year with a 10%-20% annual increase capability that guarantees high-flexibility for last-minute orders

Impressive delivery capability – average lead time of 25-28 days

 • Unparalleled custom design capability – an expert team of 22 dedicated engineers

 • Industry-exclusive testing room - fitted with comprehensive testing equipment to guarantee product consistency and the highest standard of product quality and safety

 • Over 850 professional employees - each department works efficiently and effectively to help customers during the implementation of their project. Fully-trained and skilled workers apply their expertise to every detail during the production process

 • Full customised project management service package - we take care of all your needs during every step of the process, including custom tailoring, seating layout setup, production/quality control, to-door delivery and on-site installation support 

 • Combining best value and best quality seating products - advanced machining techniques ensure you get the best available.


We deliver what you need to provide a space that is not only better, but unique

Leadcom Seating products enjoy a high reputation among customers throughout the world. Their high quality and performance, ergonomic design, exceptional comfort and incredible durability sets them apart from competitor products that keep customers coming back.

While we lead the way in the field by offering so much more than just best-in-class seating products, our service to customers worldwide goes much further. From the first moment you contact us with your seating requirements to when you have your seating installed perfectly, Leadcom Seating is always on hand to support you every step of the way.
Everything we offer helps to lower your costs, improve quality and guarantee the smoothness of project implementation, thus giving you peace of mind and assurance. And as a fully-independent manufacturer, your seating orders are internally managed from start to finish, with nothing in between to hinder the highly-efficient progress of your project.
More than 10,000 customers worldwide now trust Leadcom Seating to in turn guarantee their own business success. Will you become one of them?

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